CRCT Test Domains

The 8th grade CRCT test in mathematics has questions from four different domains: Algebra, Numbers & Operations, Geometry, and Data Analysis & Statistics. Below are the approximate content weights for each of these domains when related to the 8th grade CRCT math test.

Note: Each percent was rounded to the nearest whole number; therefore the four percents do not sum to exactly 100%.







The Algebra Domain is composed of problems involving one- and two-step equations, linear inequalities, systems of equations, tables, graphs, algebraic expressions, and linear relations and functions.  

The Number & Operations Domain is composed of problems involving different representations of numbers, including (but not limited to) scientific notation, standard form, square roots, and exponents.

The Data Analysis & Probability Domain involves set theory problems, simple counting techniques, probability of simple and compound independent events, data analysis, modeling data with linear functions, and scatter plots.

The Geometry Domain is composed of problems involving plane figures and their properties, parallel and perpendicular lines, pairs of angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal, congruent figures, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

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