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Welcome to CRCT! The purpose of this site is to make the CRCT preparation process a fun and meaningful experience for 8th grade students and teachers.

To make the most of this site, please use the left navigational buttons to visit its various pages designed to prepare you for the upcoming math test.

As an 8th grade math teacher myself, I understand the importance of the CRCT test and its impact on student promotion and AYP school status. The purpose of this Website is to help students in Georgia understand and apply different mathematical concepts while preparing for this important test.



Numbers & Operations

Data & Probability

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Start the CRCT preparation process by getting familiar with the 8th grade CRCT math test and its domains. A special page was created for each of the four domains: Algebra, Geometry, Numbers & Operations, Data Analysis & Probability. For each domain, I have embedded a variety of math videos, games, and online tests that are aligned with the new GPS Standards. A very informative math vocabulary page is also available to clarify important math concepts and definitions. Have fun exploring this Website, and best of luck on the upcoming CRCT!

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